Information about The Sarit Expo Centre

The Sarit Centre has been involved in event and exhibition organisation for the past 21 years, and now stages up to 20 in-house and external trade and consumer exhibitions annually. The experience and diversity of our marketing team is unmatched in Kenya, providing a full range of promotional and advertising services to ensure events are handled with confidence and integrity.

Facilities and Booking Information

Space must be booked for a minimum of three days, including two days for setting up and dismantling. A 50% advance payment is payable upon confirmation of a booking. Charity, community and cultural organisations will be offered a discounted rate upon request.

Hall A

  • 1 000 m2 (25 m × 40 m, height 4-5 m)
  • 56 stands (3 m2)
  • Carpeted floor
  • Air conditioning
  • PA system
  • Internet connection at all stands
  • Single and three phase electricity at all stands

Active: $1 850 / day
Set-up: $925 / day

Hall B

  • 365 m2 (11.5 m × 31.5 m, height 5.5 m)
  • 18 stands (3 m2)
  • Tiled floor
  • Single phase electricity at all stands

Active: $700 / day
Set-up: $350 / day

Seminar room

  • 135 m2
  • Carpeted floor
  • Air conditioning
  • PA system

Active: $180 / day
Set-up: Free

Recommended layouts for exhibitions (PDF, 69kB) and banquets (PDF, 31kB) are available. Rates are subject to 16% VAT.

Layout & Accessories

Event organisers must agree the layout for their event with the Centre management prior to advertising and/or leasing space in the Expo Centre.

Shell stands (dividing walls) are available for:

  • Local: KShs 750 / m2
  • International: $9 / m2

Telephone and Internet access is available at each stand in Hall A. Telephone handsets can be booked in advance. A deposit is required for Internet access, which is monitored for security purposes.

A full list of additional accessories and their prices are available on request.


Vehicles entering the loading area must not exceed 4 tonnes. Floor loading within the exhibition hall is certified to 400 kg/m2. Heavy equipment may only be located in limited designated stands located on a column/reinforced beam, the positions of which can be provided on request

Exhibitors displaying large items are requested to note the dimensions of the access door (height: 2.6 m, width: 2.5 m).


The main hall and seminar room are secured with CCTV, which can be actively monitored for a fee. Security guards are available on request.


  • Alteration of the walls of the facility (painting, affixing posters/paintings) is prohibited.
  • Food and drink from outside are not allowed.
  • External catering is prohibited, except for cocktails and business luncheons in the seminar room or in marquees outside the main hall.
  • Banners, signs and posters to promote events must be agreed with the management. Charges may apply.