Security at The Sarit Centre is provided by a well trained and dedicated team from BM Security. This team is overseen by a senior supervisor from BM Security who is permanently stationed at the Centre. Shoppers who wish report security related incidents at the Centre, or who may have lost any personal belongings may contact security staff in the BM Security site office located in the main car park, or on telephone 3740148.

Sarit Parking Card

Eliminate the hassle of paying for your parking on each visit by getting the prepaid Sarit Parking Card, which allows quick and easy card-controlled entry and exit to the Main and Express car parks, without the need to visit a pay station.

To obtain a card, please contact us or visit the Value Card service desk on the Ground Floor. Once you have a Sarit Parking Card, you can monitor your usage and charges online at

Car Parks

The Sarit Centre has several cark parks easily accessible from all sides of the centre. Please remember to pay for your parking at one of the pay stations located near the centre entrances before going to your vehicle.

Sarit Centre new parking arrangements

Main Car Park

Accessible via Lower Kabete Road or Pio Gama Pinto Road.

New Value Card Plus (VIP) Car Park

Accessed from Lower Kabete Road and provides free parking to all Sarit Centre Value Card Plus (VIP) holders.

New Lower Kabete Car Park

This new car park is accessed from either Karuna Road or Lower Kabete Road and is open for use by shoppers. Remember to pay for your parking at one of the pay stations before going to your vehicle.

New Tenants Car Park

This new car park can only be accessed from Karuna Road.

Parking Charges

Charges for all car parks are as follows:

DurationParking fee (Shs)
<2 hours50
2-3 hours100
3-4 hours200
4-5 hours300
Each additional hour100
6pm to 5am (flat rate)50
Lost ticket500

Parking Management

All Sarit Centre car parks are managed by KAPS, whose site office is located in the middle of the main car park. The office contact number is 0728 607678.

Street Parking

In addition to the centre car parks, there is public parking available along Karuna Road and Pio Gama Pinto Road.

Please note that the public parking spaces are managed by the Nairobi City Council and you must find an NCC attendant and pay for your parking before leaving the car unattended.

Shop and get rewarded the Sarit Centre way!

What is The Sarit Centre Value Card?

It is a rewards, loyalty and unique Cash-in-Card smart card that you can use at The Sarit Centre.

Who should get the Sarit Centre Value Card?

Anyone who likes to shop at The Sarit Centre and wants to enjoy all sorts of rewards on all future purchases.

How do I get the card?

All you need to do is fill in a simple application form at The Sarit Centre Value Card Desk, located on the ground floor, and attach a receipt from any participating Sarit Centre shop. The receipt should show purchases worth Kshs 5,000 spent within a period of one week.

If you'd rather not wait until you've made purchases worth Kshs 5,000 you can attach a payment of Kshs 500 with your application.

What benefits will I enjoy?

The card has a special microchip that automatically records the value of your purchases and then gives you rewards.

The card also has a unique Cash-in-Card feature that allows you to top it up with cash value of up to Kshs 100,000. That means you don’t have to carry cash every time you go shopping! If you wish to gift your friends, you can also top up cash on their card.

For more information on The Sarit Centre Value Card, please call us on 0708 702644, or log on to

The Sarit Centre offers shoppers and visitors various platforms to advertise their goods or services.

Advertising Screens

Large LCD advertising screens are mounted at prominent points throughout the Centre. These are managed by Span Image Kenya who should be contacted directly for advertising on the screens.

Notice Boards

The Centre has a number of popular notice boards on which classifieds and other advertisements are seen by hundreds of visitors daily. They are managed by Adlink Ltd who should be contacted for all enquiries regarding the notice boards.

Sarit Centre gift vouchers are available in denominations of Shs 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 from the Centre Management Office. They can be redeemed at any outlet in the Centre.

Baby Room

The Sarit Centre has a baby room located on the ground floor, just opposite the Bata shoe store (you can find it on the map). It is managed and stocked by PZ Cussons, manufacturers of a wide range of quality baby-care products, and can be used free of charge.

The baby room is open daily between 8.30am and 5.00pm.

Photo of the baby room

Disabled Toilet

The Sarit Centre has a disabled toilet on the Ground Floor, directly opposite the baby room. It is free to use.